Best Slack applications for busy leaders

Please find a curated list of the best applications for every business vertical. These apps facilitate collaboration between remote teammates.
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What are the best slack applications for startups?

The best Slack applications for startups include Trello, Zapier, Google Calendar, Zoom, Hubspot, BuddiesHR suite (Billy Birthday, Alfy Matching, Pulsy Survey, Clappy Kudos) among others.

What is a Slack application?

A Slack application is an extension or an integration that you can install on your Slack workspace and that extends Slack's capabilities.

Why install a Slack application for my workspace?

Reasons include: Extending Slack's capability, Improving the employee experience, Removing the need of external softwares, Enhancing productivity by finding everything in one place.

Where can I find the slack applications?

The Slack applications can be found in 2 places. First via the slack app directory available on Slack's website. Second via your Slack workspace > Bottom left of the sidebar, Click on App > Manage > Browse Apps.

What are the best slack apps ?

Some of the best Slack integrations apps include Billy Birthday, Trello, Alfy Matching, Dropbox, Zapier, Pulsy Survey, Calendly, GitHub, Salesforce and Clappy Kudos among others.