Best Slack Poll and Survey App in 2024

Looking for the best Poll and Survey app for Slack? Stop searching we've got it for you.

It's often hard to compare Slack applications in terms of features because these are not clearly listed but also in terms of pricing because the deal is sometimes not clear from the start.

pulse survey in slack
enps in slack

What is the best slack poll app?

Pulsy Survey is the best slack app for running polls, here is why. First it's the most simple to use. Second it's on average 3 times cheaper than competitors. Third because there is nothing hidden, pricing is clear from the start, free plan is generous (free under 30 users) and features are ALL accessible, no feature gating preventing you from sending a poll.

What is the best slack survey app?

Pulsy Survey is the best slack app for running surveys. Templates are available, launching a survey is simple and fast. Pulsy focuses on getting a good completion rate thanks to automated reminders. You can also track KPIs over time like eNPS for instance.

=> See the complete list of features here .

What criteria do you need to look at when choosing a Slack application for polls and surveys?

  • Check if the pricing is clear and if some of the features you want are not part of a more expensive plan
  • Ease of set up
  • Dashboard - Where can you check out the results of polls and more importantly surveys (expecially recurring ones)
  • Is it integrated 100% in Slack or do you need to log in to another platform? which can be really painful on day to day oprerations.
  • Does it have reminders so that people answer the surveys? This is a must to have relevant response rates. (without spending your days following up with everyone)