List of top companies and analysis of their company values

Here is a list of top startups around the world with their company values. We used this list to analyse and compute statistics around company value usage.
  1. Airbnb
    Book accommodations around the world.
  2. Amplitude
    Digital Analytics Platform
  3. Coinbase
    Buy, sell, and manage cryptocurrencies.
  4. DoorDash
    Restaurant delivery.
  5. Dropbox
    Backup and share files in the cloud.
  6. Embark Trucks
    Self-driving semi trucks.
  7. GitLab
    A complete DevOps platform delivered as a single application.
  8. PagerDuty
    Real-time visibility into critical apps and services all in one place.
  9. Rigetti Computing
    Quantum coherent supercomputing.
  10. Weave
    Customer communication and payments platform.
  11. Stripe
    Economic infrastructure for the internet.
  12. OpenSea
    OpenSea is the world’s leading peer-to-peer marketplace for NFTs
  13. Faire
    The global online platform empowering independent retail.
  14. Brex
    Business accounts, corporate cards, and spend management software.
  15. Deel
    The all-in-one HR platform for global teams.
  16. Rippling
    Magically Simplify Your HR & IT
  17. Gusto
    Provides growing businesses with everything to take care of their team
  18. Flexport
    Platform for global logistics.
  19. Scale AI
    Data-centric infrastructure to accelerate the development of AI
  20. Benchling
    Unlocking the power of biotech with modern software for modern science
  21. Fivetran
    The leader in automated data movement
  22. Checkr
    People infrastructure for the future of work
  23. Zapier
    The easiest way to automate your work.
  24. Meesho
    Democratizing internet commerce for everyone in India
  25. Relativity Space
    Building humanity’s multiplanetary future.
  26. Webflow
    Professional website design and publishing platform.
  27. MessageBird
    The world’s largest omnichannel communications platform
  28. Flock Safety
    The first public safety operating system that eliminates crime.
  29. Convoy
    The world's most efficient digital freight network.
  30. EquipmentShare
    Cloud solutions for the construction industry.
  31. Ironclad
    Digital contracting platform for legal teams.
  32. Flutterwave
    Helping businesses make and accept payments from anywhere in Africa.
  33. Groww
    Investing made simple for everyone in India.
  34. Outschool
    A live online learning platform that empowers kids ages 3–18.
  35. Lattice
    Modern people management platform.
  36. Helion Energy
    Building the world's first fusion power plant
  37. GoCardless
    We’re building the world’s bank payment network.
  38. Algolia
    A developer-friendly and enterprise-grade search API.
  39. Docker
    Software development platform.
  40. Newfront
    Modern insurance brokerage.
  41. Solugen
    Decarbonizing the chemicals industry.
  42. Go1
    A learning platform that enables you to train your staff or customers.
  43. Jeeves
    International banking infrastructure for global startups.
  44. Modern Treasury
    Payment operations tools for money movement.
  45. ShipBob
    Providing Amazon level logistics to e-commerce businesses.
  46. Opentrons
    We make robots for biologists.
  47. Sift
    The Leader in Digital Trust & Safety
  48. Wave
    Mobile money app for Africa
  49. Front
    Customer communications hub for building strong relationships
  50. Vanta
    Automate compliance. Simplify security. Demonstrate trust.
  51. Mux
    Video infrastructure for developers
    Jasper is a leader in creating content using Artificial Intelligence
  53. Snapdocs
    Snapdocs digitizes real estate closings
  54. Mashgin
    Self-Checkout using Computer Vision.
  55. Veriff
    AI-powered identity verification solution for fraud prevention.
  56. Zip
    The future of B2B spend
  57. Airbyte
    Open-source EL(T) platform
  58. Papa
    One-stop-shop for flexible family care
  59. Astranis
    The next generation of internet satellites.
  60. CoinTracker
    The gold standard in cryptocurrency portfolio tracking and taxes
  61. Clipboard Health
    Connects healthcare facilities with nurses nearby.
  62. CaptivateIQ
    Agile commission software to design, deploy & adapt commission plans.
  63. ClassDojo
    Communication app for K-8 teachers, kids, and families
  64. Gem
    Talent engagement platform
  65. Modern Health
    A mental health benefits platform for employers.
  66. Teleport
    The easiest, most secure way to access all your infrastructure
  67. Boom
    Economically and environmentally sustainable supersonic travel
  68. Nowports
    The core engine of supply chain in LATAM
  69. Titan
    Titan is building a new Schwab.
  70. SmartAsset
    Marketplace connecting consumers to financial advisors
    Harnesses business activity to unlock growth.
  72. Sendbird
    The no1. conversations platform for mobile apps.
  73. Mixpanel
    Mixpanel is event analytics for builders that need answers.
    Vendr is the place to buy and sell software.
  75. BillionToOne
    The genetic testing platform detecting and measuring disease.
  76. Human Interest
    The 401(k) for small and medium-sized businesses.
  77. Standard AI
    AI-powered checkout for retail.
  78. Frubana Inc
    The everything store for restaurants in LATAM.
    Apollo is the foundation of your entire go-to-market strategy.
  80. Zepto
    10-Minute Grocery Delivery in India
  81. Fountain
    High volume hiring made simple
  82. Replit
    Collaborative in-browser IDE
  83. QuickNode
    Tools & infra to build and scale high-quality blockchain applications.
  84. Middesk
    We make it easier for B2B companies to transact with one another
  85. H1
    Connecting stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem.
  86. Kalshi
    1st federally regulated exchange where people can trade on events
  87. Gather
    Building a better way to meet online.
  88. Supabase
    Build in a weekend. Scale to billions.
  89. Panorama Education
    Improving education for every student.
  90. Rescale
    High Performance Computing Built for the Cloud
  91. TRM Labs
    TRM is building a safer financial system for billions of people.
  92. Goldbelly
    Empowering restaurants and small food makers to ship nationwide.
  93. Postscript
    The SMS revenue platform for e-commerce merchants
  94. Mutiny
    Uses AI and data to convert website visitors into customers
  95. CareRev
    Seamlessly connecting healthcare facilities and professionals through…
  96. Yassir
    Yassir is the leading Super App for French Speaking Africa
  97. Shogun
    Shogun empowers brands to create exceptional ecommerce experience.
  98. Instawork
    A flexible work app that connects businesses with hourly workers.
  99. Vouch
    Insurance and risk management tools for startups and growth-stage…
  100. Jerry
    Jerry makes it really easy to save time and money on car expenses.
  101. Promise
    A modern payment processing platform focused on government agencies.
  102. Gecko Robotics
    Protecting Today's Critical Infrastructure. Informing Tomorrow's.
  103. SingleStore
    The cloud-native, operational database built for speed and scale.
  104. InfluxData
    The platform for building and operating time series applications.
  105. Clear
    Fintech SaaS platform for invoices, taxes, wealth management & credit.
  106. May Mobility
    Transforming cities and rural areas through AV transit and technology
  107. Bitrise
    Hosted Continuous Integration and Delivery for mobile apps
  108. Let's Do This
    The online company that gets everyone offline
  109. Hightouch
    Sync data from your warehouse into the tools your business teams rely…
  110. Ridecell
    Fleet Transformation Cloud-Automate to Maximize 🌎 usage &…
  111. Superside
  112. Memora Health
    Digitize and Automate Complex Care Workflows
  113. Scribd
    World's largest online library.
  114. OpenPhone
    The all-in-one business phone for teams.
  115. FightCamp
    Home boxing gym with motion trackers that compute punches and reps.
  116. Aspire
    All-in-one Finance OS for businesses
  117. Hiro Systems
    Hiro Systems build developer tools for Bitcoin L1 and the Stacks L2
  118. Snackpass
    Order ahead at restaurants and get rewards with friends.
  119. Lob
    Lob is the only automation platform that transforms direct mail into…
  120. Career Karma
    Helps job training programs find qualified applicants.
  121. Instabug
    Mobile Apps Observability and Performance Monitoring Platform
  122. VergeSense
    AI-Powered Building Management
  123. Mezmo
    Observability platform to control all of your log data
  124. Lively, Inc.
    Modern employee benefits & health savings account (HSA) provider
  125. Pachama
    Restoring nature to solve climate change.
  126. Routable
    Simplifying payouts at scale
  127. Balance
    The first digital payment experience company, built for B2B.
  128. Joy
    The platform for all your life events.
  129. Delphia
    An investment collective that builds wealth with your data
  130. Treasury Prime
    Embedded banking software platform and marketplace
  131. Deepgram
    Building foundational AI for speech transcription and understanding.
  132. Torch
  133. Mattermost
    Secure Collaboration for Technical Teams
  134. Drip Capital
    Digital trade financing for small businesses
  135. RevenueCat
    A simple API for managing in-app subscriptions
  136. Platzi
    Latin America's School of Technology
  137. Nova Credit
    Bridging a world of consumer-permissioned credit data
  138. Burrow
    A design brand creating innovative, award winning furniture.
  139. Asher Bio
    We build better immunotherapies
  140. Ribbon Health
    Health enterprise API for data on doctors, insurance, costs, & quality
  141. OkCredit
    Simple and secure bookkeeping for Indian businesses.
  142. UpKeep
    Mobile-first software for maintenance teams.
  143. Culture Biosciences
    We grow cells for biotech companies.
  144. Pelago
    The world's first digital clinic for substance use management
  145. Tovala
    A smart-oven-paired subscription meal service.
  146. Nuvocargo
    Radically simplifying cross-border logistics between USA & Mexico
  147. OneSignal
    Engage customers through personalized omni-channel messaging
  148. Convictional
    Onboard and integrate suppliers for dropship and marketplace
    Challenger bank for enterprises
  150. Breadfast
    Household needs, from bread to everything.
  151. Pulley
    Pulley helps startups manage their equity and cap table
  152. Verge Genomics
    We use human data and AI to develop better drugs faster.
  153. Qventus
    We automate operations for hospitals and health systems
  154. Convex
    Software for the commercial services industry.
  155. Embrace
    Helping mobile engineers build better, bolder experiences
  156. Armory
    Continuous Deployment at any scale, for all developers.
  157. Submittable
    The best way to launch, manage and measure social impact programs
  158. WorkRamp
    The All-in-One Learning Platform
  159. Curebase
    End-to-end clinical trial execution built on cutting-edge software.
    AI company transforming enterprise physical security to prevent…
  161. Redcliffe Lifetech
    Redcliffe Labs is India's Largest Omni-channel Diagnostics platform
  162. GiveCampus
    The fundraising platform for schools.
  163. BukuWarung
    Accounting, Payments & Credit app for 60M micro-businesses in…
  164. Unbabel
    AI-powered Language Operations platform
  165. Dagger
    Develop your CI/CD pipelines as code and run them anywhere
  166. Gordian Software
    Building software to remove friction in air travel
  167. Ansa Biotechnologies
    Next-generation DNA synthesis using enzymes
  168. Cashfree Payments
    Next-gen digital payments provider for India.
  169. Bitmovin
    Powers OTT online video providers with video developer tools.
  170. Long Term Stock Exchange
    LTSE is an ecosystem for visionary business.
  171. AssemblyAI
    APIs for AI models
  172. SafetyWing
    Health insurance for remote teams
  173. Rutter
    The Universal API for commerce and accounting
  174. Eclipse Foods
    Eclipse Foods is building the future of dairy using micelles, the…
  175. Slash
    The bank for young solo entrepreneurs.
  176. Validere
    A carbon MRV solution for energy and hard-to-abate sectors
  177. Stoke Space
    We’re on a mission, and it starts with 100% reusable rockets.
  178. Culdesac
    We build cities for people, not cars.
  179. Localyze
    Global mobility platform for companies and employees
  180. MarqVision
    MarqVision builds an IP Operating System in a digital economy
  181. Ashby
    All-in-one recruiting software for high growth companies
  182. Shelf Engine
    Transforms how grocery stores buy highly perishable foods.
  183. Doppler
    The first SecretOps Platform.
  184. Meru Health
    An online provider for greater mental health
  185. Pine Park Health
    We provide primary care in senior living communities.
  186. Science Exchange
    Powering scientific outsourcing
  187. Nomba
    Banking and payment services for small businesses in Nigeria
  188. Belvo
    Open Finance API platform for Latam.
  189. Obie
    Insurance and Risk Management for Landlords
  190. Zerocater
    Zerocater is revolutionizing how companies feed their employees
  191. Nabis
    Nabis is the largest licensed cannabis wholesale platform.
  192. Volley
    Voice AI games on smart speakers, TVs, and mobile
  193. Roboflow
    🖼️ Give your software the sense of sight.
  194. Legacy
    Legacy helps you test, improve, and freeze your sperm
  195. Reach Labs
    Long range, wireless energy distribution that scales
  196. Depict
    E-commerce personalization for fashion
  197. FamPay
    India’s first neobank for teenagers