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Promote peer recognition and broadcast your company values

Facilitate authentic and meaningful appreciation among your employees while bringing your company values to life.
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Benefits of using Clappy

Bring your company values to life
Culture and values is the 1st satisfaction driver for employees. Easily tag your companyโ€™s values in the recognitions to promote and reinforce them organically.
Promote a culture of recognition
Make your employees happier and more efficient thanks to regular feedback.
Employee engagement means performance and loyalty
When employees feel valued, they stay in their jobs longer, strengthening company culture from the inside out.
Centralize recognition data for performance reviews
Keep track of kudos and get tangible data for evaluating soft skills, good behaviors and how the employee embodies the company values for your performance reviews.

โ€œ According to Gallup research, 39% of employees feel unappreciated.

As a result, they are less productive, disconnected, and always searching for greener pastures.โ€


Peer-to-peer kudos
Send public praise to recognize your colleagues.
Company values in recognition
Attach company values to the kudos.
Rankings to spot best performers for recognitions and per company value
Feedback Friday
Boost usage with automated weekly reminders
Give incentives and reward good behaviors
An extra gamification to push people to keep the habit of sending recognition regularly

How to get started

3 simple steps to install and launch Clappy

1. Connect your Slack workspace

Click Add to Slack, you'll be ask to accept permissions for the app and Boom ๐Ÿ’ฅ you're in! Don't worry, at this stage, you did not disturb anyone, the app is visible but did not generate any notifications. We will tell you when it does.

2. Setup channel and add employees

Once Clappy is in your Slack, you can set up the channel where recognitions will be posted. To do this, go to Clappy's settings in Slack by clicking on its name in the left sidebard then make sure to be in the "home" tab.

3. You're all set!

The best way to get started and launch the initiative is to start by sending kudos yourself.
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