Build and keep your Org-Chart updated on auto-pilot

Build your org chart in seconds and keep it up-to-date automatically. Have a clear view on teams and department.
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Benefits of using Linky

Visualize your company structure and hierarchie
Once your Org Chart completed, Linky gives you a full overview on the structuration.
Easily operate the performance reviews
Thanks to an up-to-date Org Chart and employee directory, you can run the perf reviews smoothly.
Always keep your Org Chart up-to-date
We all know how traditionnal Org Chart end up... Outdated! Thanks to Linky, keep it up to date on auto pilot thanks to auto-collection of data and the slack integration

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Team directory and org chart
Have a clear view on teams, departments and hierarchy.
Slack Command to search for someone
Simply type /whois {username} to check someone's profile details.
Auto-collection of information
Linky can reach out to the teams to collect their profile information and populate the org-chart.
Spreadsheet bulk import
You can import people's data inside a spreadsheet that we provide.

How to get started

3 simple steps to install and launch Linky

1. Connect your Slack workspace

Click Add to Slack, you'll be ask to accept permissions for the app and Boom 💥 you're in! Don't worry, at this stage, you did not disturb anyone, the app is visible but did not generate any notifications. We will tell you when it does.

2. Choose how to input the data (auto or manual)

Once Linky is in your Slack, you can build your Org-Chart in seconds by either import the data from a spreadsheet (Linky provide the template) or choosing to put Linky on auto-pilot (employees will fill-in their manager)

3. You're all set!

You can now see your org-chart being populated and you can visualize your team directory.
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