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Build better relationships at work

Strengthen team bonding by regularly connecting coworkers for a virtual chat ☕️
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coffee in slack
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Benefits of using Alfy

Strengthen camaraderie and streamline collaboration
When people know each other, productivity and collaboration gets to another level. Alfy significantly improves team bonding and global engagement.
Onboard and introduce new hires
Make sure everyone feels included and instantly part of the team.
Break down silos
There nothing worst for a company to see isolated teams. Make sure everyone talk to everyone with Alfy.
Find mentors
On top of having better work relationships, employees can meet colleagues from different levels and therefore find mentors and coaches among them.

“Relationships rank first out of…12 domains
of workplace quality in terms
of power to explain variation in job satisfaction.”


Peer-to-peer matching
Connect employees for a quick chat.
Choose group size
Group pairs, 3, 4 or 5 people together
Choose Frequency
You can either meet weekly, every 2, 3 or 4 weeks.
All in Slack
No-one wants another app to register. This application is 100% in Slack.
Scheduling assistant
Alfy will help you find a time slots for all participants to meet.
google calendarGoogle Calendar Integration
Conversation starters
Alfy suggests ice-breakers to remove akward moments when meeting new people.
Random matching
Default matching option. Alfy makes sure that people don't meet twice the same person.
Custom cross team matching
Choose to match different teams together.
Visualize sessions (both past and future). Edit matches or redraw them. Get Statistics on usage.

How to get started

3 simple steps to install and launch Alfy

1. Connect your Slack workspace

Click Add to Slack, you'll be ask to accept permissions for the app and Boom 💥 you're in! Don't worry, at this stage, you did not disturb anyone, the app is visible but did not generate any notifications. We will tell you when it does.

2. Setup channel and add employees

Once Alfy is in your Slack, you can set up the channel where matches will be posted. To do this, go to Alfy's settings in Slack by clicking on its name in the left sidebard then make sure to be in the "home" tab. You can also define matching frequency, group size etc.

3. You're all set!

Just wait for the next planned matching and contemplate. Please note that it will only send messages to the people in the Slack channel that you selected.
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