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Welcome to Pulsy Survey 🐙

Welcome to Pulsy Survey documentation. You'll find everything you need to know to install the app and use it.

What is Pulsy Survey

Pulsy Survey is a Slack app that makes it easy to Measure eNPS and engagement in Slack

Listen to employee's voice and gather feedback by broadcasting surveys that get answered fast ⚡️

Features of Pulsy include

✅ Track eNPS

✅ Track Employee engagement

✅ Smart & Automated Reminders

✅ Insights Dashboard - Coming soon

✅ Continuous listening, monitoring, feedback - Coming soon

Benefits are

👍 Know how employees feel, continuously

The Employee Net Promoter Score is a must-have to understand your workforce's sentiment and get a measurable health check.

👍 Automate your feedback loop and empower the HR teams

Use pre-built teamplates to launch surveys in seconds, benefit from a frictionless UX, all-in-all the most efficient survey application out there.

👍 Get actionable feedback to improve your culture

Take action with a real-time understanding of employee engagement over specific thematics.