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Installing Billy (30 seconds)

Step 1: Click Add to Slack

From our website

Click Install Billy for free

install billy birthday for free

Then, click Add to Slack

add birthday bot to slack

From the Slack app directory

install birthday bot from slack directory

Step 2: Select the correct Slack workspace


Please ensure to select the correct Slack workspace; we see a lot of people installing Billy in the wrong workspace 🙈

slack workspace for birthday bot

Step 3: Grant permissions by clicking Allow

grant permissions to birthday bot

Installation complete 🥳

Billy should now be installed in your workspace; you should now see this:

billy birthday is installed

Proceed to the next section for a quick setup guide!

🚒 Troubleshooting 🚒

I don't have the permissions to install Billy

permissions to install billy

If you're seeing this, fill out the request to install, and once it is approved, Slackbot will send you a message:

I'm not seeing the setup form

If you're seeing this instead, move on directly to the Add Billy to a channel documentation page.
This is because you have a lot of channels in your Slack workspace and Billy can't load them all.

too many channels