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Reward ideas

Here are 40+ Employee Reward Ideas: Individual, Team, Monetary, Non-Monetary.

Individual monetary reward ideasโ€‹

  1. Gift cards. ($30-$200)
  2. Company Swag like shirt, hat, mug, stickers, socks, bag, etc. ($50)
  3. Mystery Box tailored to the specific person redeeming the reward. ($25-$100)
  4. Learn something new (Airbnb Experiences) such as learning how to paint, surf, cook, anything! ($50-$150)
  5. Digital Workshop or Course like those offered on MasterClass, Udemy, or Coursera. ($50-$200)
  6. Spa treatment/day: an hour of massage in your local area. ($50-$150)
  7. House cleaning from a provider in your local area. ($150)
  8. Movie/Music/Magazine Subscription for a Year (Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV, Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). ($100-$150)
  9. Fitness/Gym subscription of your choice for six months. ($100-$500)
  10. Meal Subscription: get a free month of meals from HelloFresh or Freshly. ($150-$300)
  11. Daycare/Pet Stipend. ($100)
  12. 2x movie tickets. ($15-$40)
  13. 2x tickets for an event of your choosing like a concert, sports game, etc.. ($50-$150)
  14. Adventure activity (skydiving, bungee jumping, mountain biking, etc.). ($100-$300)
  15. Charity Donation: allow the employee to select a charity and the company makes a donation in their name. ($50-$200)
  16. Plant Delivery Service: a potted plant or succulent delivery to brighten up their workspace or home. ($30-$100)
  17. DIY Craft Kit: a kit for a craft project, such as knitting, candle-making, or pottery. ($30-$100)
  18. Travel Voucher: contribution towards a vacation or getaway. Can be used for flights, hotels, or experiences. ($100-$500)

Individual non-monetary reward ideasโ€‹

  1. A day off to have some fun and recharge your batteries.
  2. 1:1 with CEO/Leadership Team: get an hour with anyone on the leadership team to talk about anything you like, want to learn more about or share your thoughts.
  3. All Hands Host: lead, get everyone excited, and emcee an all-hands meeting.
  4. Engineering 1-1 Class: get a class on how things work from the head of engineering, or learn a specific tool of your choice with the help.
  5. Color of the Day: you get to pick your favorite color for everyone on the team to wear on one Friday.
  6. Professional Development Day: spend a day shadowing a colleague in a role or department youโ€™re interested in. This can offer a unique learning experience.
  7. Charity Day: a day where the person can volunteer at a chosen charity.
  8. A dedicated shout-out in the company newsletter/intranet/linkedin page/investor update, highlighting your accomplishments.
  9. Trophies/Badges.

Team monetary reward ideasโ€‹

  1. Team Lunch or Dinner: allow the team to choose a restaurant and sponsor their meal. ($200-$800)
  2. Team-building Workshops: hire a specialist for a day of team-building activities and exercises. ($500-$2000)
  3. Guest Speaker: bring in an industry expert, motivational speaker, or even a comedian for a special session. ($200-$5000, depending on the speakerโ€™s prominence)
  4. Escape Room Experience: let the team work together and solve puzzles in a fun setting. ($200-$800)
  5. Professional Development: sponsor a group course, workshop, or seminar related to their roles. ($500-$3000)
  6. Movie Day: a day at the movies with snacks included, or even a projector viewing in the office. ($100-$500)
  7. Outdoor Activities: such as a day of paintball, rafting, zip-lining, or a nature hike. ($300-$1000)
  8. Wellness Day: hire a masseuse for the day, or bring in a yoga instructor for a group session. ($300-$1200)
  9. Team Travel: small weekend getaways or day trips to a nearby attraction. ($500-$5000)
  10. Cooking Classes: a fun evening event where everyone learns to cook a particular dish together. ($200-$1000)
  11. Music or Concert Tickets: buy group tickets for a popular show or concert in the area. ($100-$2000)

Team non-monetary reward ideasโ€‹

  1. Charity Day: a day where the team can volunteer together at a chosen charity.
  2. A dedicated shout-out in the company newsletter/intranet/linkedin page/investor update, highlighting the teamโ€™s achievements.
  3. Collaborative Art Project: dedicate a wall or space where the team can collaborate on an art project over time.
  4. Creative Freedom: allow the team to redesign or redecorate their workspace.
  5. Game afternoon/night โ€“ Get the team together for a live or virtual game moment.

Remember, the key to a successful reward program is ensuring that the rewards resonate with what the individual values and enjoys. Itโ€™s always a good idea to regularly solicit feedback and see which rewards are most popular, so you can adjust your offerings accordingly.