Discover the Best Virtual Water Cooler for remote and Hybrid teams

Discover the best virtual water cooler for remote teams. Strengthen connections and promote collaboration by connecting employees together.
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How to connect colleagues together when working remotely?

There are different ways to make sure people connect at work when working remotely or hybrid.

The first thing companies do is to put in place a peer-to-peer virtual coffee every week or every 2 weeks.
This can be done with an app like Alfy Matching. You can choose the frequency and the group size. It can be interesting to match groups of 3 or 4 for instance.

Tools needed to connect people for a quick virtual chat?

  • Communication platform: Slack or Microsoft Teams for instance
  • Connecting application: Alfy Matching for Slack can help you match coworkers for a quick virtual chat and give watercoolers.
  • Scheduling tool: One last piece is about making sure you can schedule the meeting with Google Calendar for instance or other similar softwares.

What Is a Virtual Water Cooler?

In the world of working from home and online teamwork, a virtual water cooler is like a digital spot for friendly, non-work chats. It's where people can casually talk, similar to how they might gather around a real water cooler in an office. Whether it's in chat rooms, social media groups, or special channels on apps like Slack, these virtual spaces help recreate the informal talks that happen in a regular office. As our work setups change, the virtual water cooler becomes crucial for building connections, making friends, and keeping a sense of togetherness among folks who might not meet face-to-face very often.
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