Suite of apps to suport HR teams in daily operations

Develop, recognize and engage your employees thanks to several apps for Slack logo slack
connect with teamConnect
celebrate colleaguesCelebrate
Recognize employees, promote company valuesRecognize
listen to employee's voice and measure engagementMeasure
Org Chart and employee directory from your SlackOrganize
BuddiesHR apps are trusted by hundreds of companies of all shapes and sizes
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Engaged employees are 22% more productive at work

Benefits of using Buddies apps

Get only what you need. Most softwares have a lot of things you don’t want. With buddies, choose only relevant apps for your usage.
All in slack
This is where the culture happens. We know you don't want to have, again, another app to signup to. Each module is a Slack app.
All-in-one place
Get everything you need at one place. As an HR we know how important it is to centralize these solutions.
Affordable packages
Because it’s centralized and modular, we’re able to provide a great pricing point for every app and an amazing offer for all apps.

Award-winning Slack apps

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Our solutions

Everything you need to connect, recognize and celebrate your employees.


Connect your team together, build strong company culture and team bonding.


Celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries together in Slack or Microsoft Teams.


Promote peer recognition and broadcast your company values. Make everyone feel valued at work.


Measure eNPS and engagement. Listen to employee's voice. Broadcast surveys and get answers fast.